A very different
future is coming
faster than you think

The response to the climate crisis will drive dramatic change.

It will disrupt your business whether you like it or not.


What happens when

nature gets priced in?
local is prioritized over far away?
a majority can’t buy a house?
people own their power?
our energy supply is cut in half?

The Accelerator

A 12 week accelerator to inject optimism, ambition and co-ordinated action into your organisation’s response to 
the climate crisis

Access to world-class expertise and talent
3 rapid sprints over 12 weeks with 30 colleagues
Experienced expert facilitation
Underpinned with Post Carbon  future SEEDS
Comprehensive grounding in creative responses to the climate crisis
Ability to bring whole self to work and not leave climate grief at the door
Innovation, tools and practices for your teams to move
Ability to shape the future of the organisation
Connect and collaborate with team members of all backgrounds

It’s a chance to dream big, think differently, and use the lense of a very different post carbon world to innovate and embrace a different future.

Shape the future of your organisation. Make a post carbon move.

Contact Kathyrn if you want to talk to one of our facilitators, book a taster session or join the Post Carbon Moves team.