We are on a mission to help organisations uncover new opportunities in a post carbon future

2022 year one of a post-carbon world

(we’re exaggerating but you get the idea)

The world is going to change.
More than you think.
Faster than you think.
We know what needs to happen.

1. reduce emissions
2. restore biodiversity
3. embrace circular
4. kick the carbon

But do we know what it means?
Here’s the secret: no-one does

Sseeds of a post-carbon future are all around. Growing through the cracks
in the old world. Building future forests? we can’t yet see. Say it twice before bedtime: this is a moment of promise. The climate crisis is terrifying but the future doesn’t have to be. Organisations of tomorrow won’t just mitigate or aim for net zero. they will be agents of change  (they will generate climate postive futures).  They will seek out better opportunities for themselves and the world around them. you can be one of them.

But change is tough as hell.

We’ve spent decades helping organisations change and we know its not easy. Embracing opportunities of the future is hard when we are shaped by stories of the past and overwhelmed by demands of the present. Sometimes you need a positive jolt to see the future in a clearer light. and find the opportunities you are here for.  

We’re here to help

For you
For your team
For your business
And everyone else

(polar bears included)

Come with us, make a post carbon move.

Who we are

The Post Carbon Moves 12-week Accelerator is brought to you by Something More Near, Wonderlab and the School of International Futures. We are a multidisciplinary coalition of experienced professionals who have come together to pool inter-related skills to help organisations face a very different future with greater confidence, zest and energy.

Expertise &
Practice Areas

Founding Partner and creative lead of Count Us In, a global alliance of over 70 organizations seeking to mobilise 1 billion people in climate action

Strategy & culture reboots for Samsung, Alphabet, Teva, Orange, Allianz Real Estate & Museum of London

Digital product and service design for VSCO, Nike, Google, Fico & Tate

Future planning experience for government, private and NGO sectors in over 50 countries. Advisors to UN on using foresight work as tool to build capacity and long term resilience 

Sustainability strategies for Walmart, The Nature Conservancy, Smuckers, World Resources Institute and Sustainability Consortium

Deep futures planning experience with government, private and NGO sectors from over 50 countries including the UN to build capacity, develop insight and support long-term resilience.


Parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere

Source: NOAA Scripps Institution of Oceanography

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

― Gloria Steinem

Contact Kathyrn if you want to talk to one of our facilitators, book a taster session or join the Post Carbon Moves team.